Curling Instructions
1) Using Sponge Rollers: ( MOST RECOMMENDED METHOD )

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1) Separate a bundle of hair into small sections.

2) Wrap each section of hair around a sponge roller.

3) Heat water in a large pan to a low boiling point.

4) Dip each sponge roller into the water for 3 seconds.

5) Carefully remove sponge rollers using a tong, take out of water and blot dry with a towel.

6) Without disturbing the curls slide the the hair off the sponge roll onto a flat surface.

7) Allow hair to dry completely and the bouncy curls will be ready to use.

(Sponge rollers can be bought from Boots or Online for a couple of pounds)

2) Using Heated Appliances:
Kanekalon Hair is heat resistant up to 160C. If you don't have curling tongs, GHD's which has higher heat, can be used by turning on and off to keep the heat low.

1) Preheat the curling tong to a maximum of 160°C.

Do not exceed this temperature as you may damage the hair.

2) Roll the hair around the curling tong.

3) Let the hair get hot on the curling tong.

4) Release the hair without disturbing the curls.

5) Let the hair cool down. Avoid lifting the hair before fully cooled down.

6-7) The hair is now ready to wear. Enjoy!

Straightening Instructions:
1) Using Sponge Rollers:

1) Heat water in a pan to a low boiling point.

2) Dip the curls into the water and hold for a few seconds.

3) Lift the hair and hang to dry.

2) Using Heated Appliances:
Follow the same method as you would with your own hair by keeping the heat low.
Washing Instructions:

1. Soak the hair in lukewarm water with ordinary shampoo.

2. Gently shake extensions in water, avoid rubbing.

3. Rinse thoroughly.

4. Shake out excessive water and pat dry with towel.

5. Dry flat, if curly hang dry.